5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start With A WordPress Website

5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start With A WordPress Website

Online business is in trend today. Everyone wants to start an Online business and make quick money. There are several benefits of Online Business over Offline business like :

  • It doesn’t need physical infrastructure.
  • No big workforce is needed.
  • Investment is comparatively small.

With these benefits, there comes a problem also that every Online business does have a tech part. If you are yourself not a brilliant programmer, you will need someone to create a Website / Application for your business. Creating such an application may cost huge if developed on a coding platform or framework.

WordPress can be of great help in this situation. Solution developed on WordPress may cost only a fraction. If you are a moderately technical person, you may learn to work on WordPress yourself or hire a company / freelancer who work on WordPress development. WordPress is a very vrsatile platform and almost any type of website can be built over it. Here is the list of 10 Online Businesse you can plan with a WordPress Website :

1. Create a Professional Blog –

WordPress was originally created only for blogging purpose and till today it is the best platform to start your own blog. If you have any professional skill or have a hobby which you are actively pursuing, you can start a blog about it and create good content for the relevant audience.

Once you have enough traffic on your blog you can put Adsense and other affiliate ads on your website and make it a good source of income. Though it looks a trivial but a lot of people are pursuing it as a full-time online business.

Suggested Plugins – None

2. Start a Classifieds WebSite –

People have lot to advertise these days like they want to sell or rent their old stuff etc. You can start a Classified site on WordPress.

There are few WordPress plugins and themes available using which you can easily create a Classified website without much technical effort.

Suggested Plugins – WP AdvertsAWPCP

3. Start An Online Store for a Niche Product –

So many Online store are coming up very fast, but still there is scope for more specially if you sell a niche product. On WordPress you can create an Online Store with just few click.

All basic functions of Online store like – inventory management, order management, customer management, cart system, payment gateway, wishlist come inbuilt

Suggested Plugins – Woocommerce

4. Start An Home Service Booking WebSite –

 Home Service booking is a good online business prospect in todays busy lifestyle. Nobody got time to search for a local plumber, electrician etc and then bang their head with them to get the work done properly. People want to give their work to a professional company where they can book the service and forget.

Using WordPress you can create such a website where you can list multiple services you are offering and people can book the service online and also can make the payment online for the service.

Suggested Plugins – Bookly, Booing Ultra

5. Start a Local Business Listing or Yellow Pages Website –  

Information has become an asset in todays smartphone world. People are looking for precise information about the businesses and services in their locality. You can provide them this information by creating a Business listing or Yellow Pages type website.

It can easily be created on WordPress using specific plugins.

Suggested Plugins – Business Directory Plugin, GeoDirectory

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