Best Plugins To Add / Insert php Code in WordPress Website for Custom Functionality

Best Plugins To Add / Insert php Code in WordPress Website for Custom Functionality

You sometimes might have wondered, whether you can add custom functionality in a WordPress Website. Yes, it is possible by adding php code in WordPress website. As WordPress is not built page by page but it is created as a whole system where files are interdependent on each other. There are themes and plugin files using the core systems functions.

Why you should not add php code in WordPress File directly ?

If you make any non-compatible change in the core files, it may impact the functionality of a theme or plugin. Similarly if we write any code in theme or plugin files, it may impact the core system, other themes or plugins. Thus making change in the file system is not a good idea.

What is the Right way to Insert PHP code in WordPress Website ?

If we could write this php code in a Page or Post like we write our usual text or html, it would be really great as it will not impact with any core functionality or themes or plugins. But if you write a php code directly into a WordPress page/post editor panel, it will not be rendered as a php code but will be rendered as a plain text as WordPress doesn’t allow php scripts to run from content directly by default. Even if you plan to write it in php enclosures <?php     ?>, it will not work.

Thankfully there are some plugins available for this purpose, using which we can insert php code into WordPress websites very easily by using shortcodes. Lets have a look at some of them –

Plugins to Insert PHP code in WordPress website –

1. Insert PHP code snippet – 

It is one on of the best plugins to insert php code into a WordPress website. With 20,000+ active installations and 5/5 ratings it is widely popular among WordPress real developers ( who can work with php). It works by converting php snippets into shortcodes. You can use these shortcodes at any required location on your page or post or widgets. This ease of use makes it our first choice.  Get it here 

2. PHP Everywhere – 

Modus operandi of this plugin is different than the earlier one. Once you install this plugin, you can write your php code everywhere on page, post, widget directly. Get it here

3. PHP Code Widget –

It works like the text editor widget. You can add this widget at any location on your page / post using page builder plugins or in sidebar or footer. You can write you desired php code in this widget and save it. Get it here

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