11 Best WordPress Plugins for Data Visualization in 2022

11 Best WordPress Plugins for Data Visualization in 2022

When it comes to data visualization, nothing is more beneficial than using the right WordPress plugin. Not only does this help you make your data accessible and visually appealing, but it also saves you time and effort in the long run. In this blog post, we put together a list of the best WordPress data visualization plugins on the market today.

Data visualization is a key component of any data-driven website. With the help of the right WordPress plugins, it can be easy to get started.

So don’t wait any longer – try one of these plugins today and see excellent results for yourself! From simple visualization tools that let you easily view your data in different ways to more comprehensive tools that let you generate charts and maps, there is something for everyone.

11 best WordPress data visualization plugins

Data visualization is essential for business professionals and anyone who wants to understand their surroundings better. Creating stunning visuals that help illustrate your findings is a breeze with the right tools. Here are 10 of the best WordPress data visualization plugins:

Visualizer WordPress Plugin

1. Visualizer

One of the most popular data visualization WordPress plugins is Visualizer. It’s easy to use and has many features, perfect for creating efficient dashboards and charts. If you want to get started with data visualization, try Visualizer! You won’t be disappointed.

2. wpDataTables

If you are interested in data visualization, there is no doubt that wpDataTables is a good plugin to consider. The plugin is fast, easy to use, and has many features to make your data analysis easier.

Plus, it’s a popular plugin that has helped many data visualization enthusiasts improve their skills. As a data visualization beginner, you will love how wpDataTables makes data analysis fast and easy. Add custom fields and tables to visualize your data in ways you never imagined possible. Overall, wpDataTables is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their data visualization skills!

3. Data Table Generator

Data Table Builder is a plugin that makes data visualization a breeze. It lets you create custom visuals for your website in just a few clicks, making creating and using data visualizations a breeze. You can create data tables for your website that can be used for various purposes – from creating charts and graphs to organizing data in a more manageable way.

Also, data tables are a great way to visualize data in a simple and organized way. So whether you want to improve the visuals of your data-driven website or need a convenient way to organize your data, Data Table Builder is a great plugin to consider! This plugin makes creating, managing and publishing data tables a breeze.

4. amCharts: Charts and Maps

AmCharts is a lightweight and intuitive plugin for creating charts and maps quickly and easily. With its wide range of options, you can customize the chart to suit your needs. The map feature is especially popular because it can be easily embedded on a website. So, if you are looking for an affordable and effective data visualization plugin, AmCharts is a great choice!

5. M Chart

Countless plugins allow you to create stunning graphs and charts, but one of the most popular and versatile is M Chart. This plugin is easy to use and can transform your data into beautiful visualizations in minutes. You can also customize the look and feel of your plots, making them unique and eye-catching. So, if you want to take your WordPress data visualization to the next level, check out M Chart!

6. UberChart

Data visualization can be daunting, but with the help of the right plugin, the task becomes much simpler. One such plugin that is perfect for data visualization is UberChart. This plugin allows you to visualize your data in various ways, making it easy to understand and communicate your findings.

For example, you can add text on top of the chart for even more information. With the help of UberChart, data visualization has never been so easy and fun!

7. WP Data Access

If you’re looking to create sophisticated visualizations, WP Data Access is a must-have plugin. WP Data Access is an excellent plugin for data visualization because it allows you to connect to various databases. Additionally, it provides features like pivot tables and charts, which make data analysis easy. So, if you want to take your data visualization skills to the next level, check out WP Data Access! It’s available as a free and premium plugin, so you have plenty of options for purchasing it.

8. iChart

Data visualization isn’t just for scientists anymore – WordPress blog owners can benefit from using iChart too. That powerful plugin allows you to create charts of all types and formats, making it easy to get your data visualized the way you want it. This plugin has various options that allow you to create stunning charts and graphs, including line graphs, scatterplots, box plots, stacked bar charts, and more.

Plus, it comes with built-in analytic tools that make data analysis easier than ever before. It’s easy to use and has many features that make it an excellent choice for data visualization on WordPress blogs. So go ahead and try that – you won’t regret it!

9. WP Charts and Graphs

WP Charts is an excellent plugin for data visualization, allowing you to create graphs and charts quickly and easily. Additionally, it offers many customization options to achieve the look and feels that’s perfect for your site. On the other hand, Graphs allow you to visualize data in an easy-to-understand format, making it an excellent choice for data-driven decision-making.

10. TablePress

One of the most popular of these plugins is TablePress. TablePress is a powerful plugin that lets you create beautiful data visualizations in minutes. The plugin has many features to help make your visualization process easier, including automatic layout generation and mapping capabilities. Additionally, you can add custom icons and graphs to enhance your visuals even further. TablePress is free to use with no ads, so it’s perfect for any WordPress site looking to improve its data visualization skills!

11. WP Beautiful Charts

WordPress is an excellent platform for data visualization because it’s free to use, easy to set up, and works with any WordPress site. One of the best plugins for data visualization on WordPress is WP Beautiful Charts.

It can be used to create graphs, charts, and tables that look great on your website or blog. WP Beautiful Charts is a powerful plugin that makes data visualization easy and fun. If you’re looking for a plugin that will boost your data visualization skills, check out WP Beautiful Charts!

Types of Data Visualization In WordPress

WordPress is an excellent platform for data visualization. With the help of the right plugins, you can create beautiful visualizations of data that your readers can easily understand and appreciate. WordPress’s most popular plugins for data visualization include DataTables, Visualizer, and Google Charts.

These plugins make it easy to display data in various formats and devices. Additionally, they offer a wide range of features that can be used to create stunning visualizations. So, why not see how they can help you visualize your data more insightfully?

Charts And Graphs

Charts and graphs can be a great way to make your data more accessible and organized. Using charts, you can display information in an exciting and visually appealing way that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to understand. Many different charts are available – bar, pie, line, etcetera. You can use them to track the progress of your products or services or to show changes over time. Charts also help you display your data more organized fashion, making it easier for people to comprehend what’s going on.


Infographics are a visual representation of data that is easy to understand. They can be used for marketing purposes, communication with customers, etcetera. Make sure you use the right tools for the job – too simple an infographic will not be compelling, while too complex will overwhelm your viewers.

Many free and premium plugins allow you to create infographics easily. Once you have created your basic template, it’s time to add some spice and make it stand out from the rest! Try using different visuals or designing something interactive so your readers can get involved in the process. Infographics are a great way to communicate complex data in an easy-to-understand way – perfect when conveying complicated topics such as environmentalism or business management.


Timelines are a great way to visualize data. They can be used for presentations, blogs, or even sales pitches. By visualizing events chronologically, you can comprehensively understand what has happened and how it has affected your business.

Creating timelines can be a lot of work- but the result is well worth it! You’ll be able to understand your business better and make more informed decisions about plans and strategies.

Comparison Tables

Comparison tables are one of the best ways to visualize data. They make it easy to see how different things (such as products, services, etc.) compare. In addition, WordPress plugins are an excellent way to create comparison tables. These plugins are very easy to use and can be customized in various ways depending on your needs. You can also use them for showing trends, comparing different areas or departments within your business, and much more!


Maps are an excellent way to display information on a website, blog post, or even as part of a map itself. Adding different layers of data (maps, images, etc.) allows you to create visualizations that are easy to understand and navigate. In addition, maps make it easy to highlight trends and insights in your data set. By overlaying different data layers on top of each other, you can create complex visualizations that help users better understand the key aspects of the analysis.


Animations are a great way to display important information to your business. They can show trends, explain concepts, and make things more interesting for the viewer. When it comes to data visualization, there are many plugins available that make creating stunning visuals easy.

However, before you decide which one suits your needs best, you must consider key factors such as the type of data being displayed and the intended audience. Also, remember how you want people to use the animation – for example, do you want them to look at specific parts, or do you want their interaction? Once these details are precise in your mind, choosing an appropriate plugin becomes a lot easier!


Pictorials have been around for a long time and are still an integral part of marketing materials and product descriptions. They can be used to market products or services effectively, as well as convey complex data in a visually engaging way.

Many plugins make creating pictorials easy and fun – making your data visualization stand out from the rest! Pictorials can also be used to visualize data excitingly and innovatively. Whether you’re looking to show how sales vary by month or displaying customer feedback in a more user-friendly format, pictorials offer great flexibility and versatility in visual communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlowCharts.ai?

FlowCharts.ai is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful and interactive charts using drag and drop. Use it for tracking website performance metrics, displaying customer feedback data, or anything else you might need to visualize. This makes data analysis and visualization quick and easy, so you can easily find insights in your data.

How can I create interactive visualizations with my WordPress blog?

To create stunning visualizations with your WordPress blog, start by testing out different plugins. You can find plugins to help you create graphs, charts, heat maps, and more. Once you’ve found a plugin that you like, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly so that you know how to use it properly.

It’s also good to consult other bloggers who have created similar visualizations to get inspiration and guidance. Finally, once you’ve completed your visualization, please share it on your blog and social media platforms for others to enjoy!

Which plugins should I use to create fancy graphs and charts in a WordPress blog?

When creating data visualizations in your WordPress blog, you’ll want to try out as many different plugins as possible. Considering that there are so many to choose from, here are a few of the most popular plugins for this purpose:

Visualizer: Visualizer is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful and interactive graphs and charts in your WordPress blog. It also includes features like adding custom widgets, customizing data table output, and rendering graphs in various formats.

DataTables:¬†DataTables is another excellent plugin for visualizing data in your WordPress blog. It’s ideal if you need to quickly and easily display data in table format. In addition, DataTables also has many customization options, including the ability to auto-number fields, sort and filtering capabilities, and more.

Are there any security risks associated with using data visualization plugins in WordPress?

There are definitely security risks associated with using data visualization plugins in WordPress. By installing these plugins, you open yourself up to hackers who can hijack your site or steal your data. Make sure that you’re downloading the right plugin and that you’re following the instructions carefully to avoid any security issues.

Is it possible to customize WordPress templates for data visualization purposes?

Yes, it is possible to customize WordPress templates for data visualization purposes. You can use various plugins to create interactive visualizations that let your readers explore your data in new ways.

For example, you can use graph plugins to embed graphs and charts within your blog posts or pages. Additionally, many data visualization plugins allow you to embed graphs and charts directly within a WordPress template, making it easy to create robust visualizations without any coding required.

How do I create a chart in WordPress?

To create a chart in WordPress, you’ll need to include the Chart plugin and set up your preferences. Next, select which data source you want to use – Google Charts or Tableau Public. Once installed, open up your post or page where you want to add the chart and click on the Chart button from the toolbar. Then, under the “Settings” tab, you can change some basic options like data type, font size, and colors of chart boundaries. Once you’re happy with the chart’s appearance, hit the Save button to save the changes.

How do I create an infographic in WordPress?

To create an infographic in WordPress, follow these simple steps: 1. Set up your text blocks (divs) and styles as needed, then save the file. 2. To start adding data visualizations to your posts, activate the WPBlogs plugin. 3. Upload your images and place them where you want them on the page. 4. Choose a template from the WPBlogs Drag and Drop Gallery. 5. Activate the plugin and start adding data visualizations to your posts!

How do I create a table in WordPress?

To create a table in WordPress, you must first decide on the type of data you want to display. On the next page, under “Posts & Pages,” click on ” Tables.” You can optionally add columns and choose which data should be displayed in each column. You can then go to your blog’s admin area and click on “Appearance” from the menu bar. Next, enter the relevant information about your table – including its name and description. You can add a new table or edit an existing one.

How do I create an interactive chart in WordPress?

Many great WordPress plugins can help you with data visualization. However, the Awesome Chart and the Visual Composer plugin are two of the most popular and user-friendly ones. The Awesome Chart plugin is excellent for creating charts quickly and easily. Just enter the data you want to visualize, select a chart type, and you’re good to go! Plus, you can control the look and feel of your charts completely with this plugin, making them look as polished as you desire.

Meanwhile, the Visual Composer plugin is a bit more advanced but provides more control over your WordPress site’s look and feel. It lets you customize the layout, colors, fonts, and other elements of your site’s design. This makes it perfect if you want to create beautiful, sophisticated visualizations without hassle.

How do I make a good table in WordPress?

Making a good table in WordPress is simple if you use some great WordPress plugins to help. Tablepress, WP DataTables, and Gravity Forms are the best WordPress plugins for tables. Once you have created the table structure in WordPress, it’s time to add the data elements.

You can do this by simply copying and pasting your data into the columns provided by the plugin or using the drag-and-drop interface if it supports it. Once everything is in place, it’s time to style your table! This can be done by adding basic CSS to the table element or using a more advanced CSS technique like responsive design. Last but not least, add any necessary data elements to each column, like titles, subtitles, images, etc.


WordPress is a powerful platform that can be used for various purposes: data visualization. Using the best WordPress data visualization plugins, you can create stunning visualizations that your audience will love. In this blog, we’ve reviewed the top 11 plugins for data visualization and provided tips on how to use them.

So, whether you’re looking to create simple charts or complex maps, these plugins will help you get there. Don’t wait any longer – start using WordPress data visualization plugins today!

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