Best WordPress Plugins for Images Processing & Optimizations

Best WordPress Plugins for Images Processing & Optimizations

Images bring a visual appeal to your website which takes your site to the next level. Managing images on your WordPress website is a complicated task especially if you have image-heavy websites like a travel blog or food blog or a photography studios website. There are several Image Plugins available in WordPress which will help you manage the image-related tasks quite easily. Here we will discuss some of the best WordPress plugins for images.

Best WordPress Plugins For Images

  1. Compress JPEG & PNG Images: Most of us have used online image compression tools as image weight creates an issue in page loading. If the images are heavy the page wouldn’t load fast. Normally we use online image compression tools to reduce the weight of the images before uploading them to our website. TinyPNG is a quite popular name as an online image compression tool. Tinypng also provides a WordPress plugin for the same task of image compression. Once you install this plugin, you will not need to compress your images beforehand, this plugin will take care of the compression during the uploading of the images. Also, you can compress the images you would have uploaded before installing this plugin in one go.  Learn how to install and use Compress JPEG & PNG Images. You can get it from here.
  2. Smush Image Compression & Optimization: This is also an image compression plugin used for similar purposes as the last one. It comes directly from the WordPress team WPMU Dev. Though less effective than the last one, it is also widely used due to some extra features. It has basic features like auto compression while image uploading and bulk compression of already uploaded images. It also has a feature to identify which images are slowing down the website. Learn how to install and use Smush Image Compression & Optimization. You can get it from here.
  3. EWWW Image Optimizer: It is also another plugin for image compression and optimization. It also offers similar features like auto compression and bulk compression. It is also widely used and has more than 6,00,000 active installs. Learn how to install and use EWWW Image Optimizer. You can get it from here
  4. Image Watermark: Using this plugin you can watermark all the images you upload to your WordPress website. Again you might be using a lot of online tools to watermark your images before uploading them to your website. This plugin helps you by getting this done runtime while uploading the images. You can also bulk watermark all the previously uploaded images too. Learn how to install and use Image Watermark. You can get it from here.
  5. Regenerate Thumbnails: This plugin is helpful in creating thumbnails for the images already uploaded to the media library. You can generate all the thumbnail sizes for the images. Learn how to install and use Regenerate Thumbnails. You can get it here.
  6. Imsanity: When we take an image from a high-quality camera, the image size and resolution are quite high and mostly not suitable for use on the website. This plugin automatically resizes the huge image to the size which is appropriate for website use. Learn how to install and use Imsanity. You can get it here.
  7. Hide Featured Image: There can be a situation where we don’t want to display the featured image on some posts and let it display on the other posts. This plugin lets you do this. You will get an option on all the images to show/hide the feature image. Learn how to install and use Hide Featured Image plugin. You can get it here.

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