Top 10 Ways to Boost SEO of WordPress Website or WordPress Blog

Top 10 Ways to Boost SEO of WordPress Website or WordPress Blog

Let’s consider that you already have started your WordPress Website or Blog and put up some awesome unique content on it. Now the real task begins to bring your website in Search results on major search engines like Google, Bing etc. The process is achieving a good rank for your website on Search Engines is known as Search Engine Optimisation, popularly named as SEO. SEO is a necessary part of your website as it is the largest traffic source on any website. Let’s discuss about the major ways to boost SEO of WordPress Website / Blog.

10 Ways to Boost SEO of WordPress Website or Blog :

1. Check the robots.txt file – robots.txt file defines whether your website is to be indexed by Search engines or not. This file is used to provide instruction to the web robots (like Google crawlers) about the website, these instructions are called Robot Exclusion Protocol. Whenever a Robot want to visit your website it first goes to file and look for the instructions and accordingly crawls and indexes your website. You must make sure that the instructions in this file on your website is allowing search engine robots to index your website. Learn details about robots.txt here 

Here is what the instructions inside a robots.txt file looks like :

While it allows all Web Robots / Crawlers to access all the content :

User-agent: *

For optimum SEO performance your robots.txt file should look like above.

While it doesn’t allows all Web Robots / Crawlers to access all the content :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

2. While Installing WordPress – While installing WordPress you get an option regarding search engine visibility, which asks you whether you want to discourage search engines from indexing your website. Make sure that you never tick this options. If you have already installed WordPress and not sure whether you tick this or not, look for robots.txt file in your file manager and check how it is setup as per the instructions in point 1 above.  Check the proper procedure of installing WordPress here 

3. Managing Category Structure – If you are working on SEO of WordPress blog, category structure becomes very important. Category pages are also considered as separate pages by Search Engines and most of the time we leave these category pages unattended which may create issues. One way to manage is by telling search engines that you don’t want to index these pages at all. Most of the SEO plugins will come with this option. Other way it to manage them properly as per the SEO guidelines. Checkout the proper category structure for a WordPress Blog here.

4. Sitemap Creation – Providing a sitemap of your website will help Search Engines to index your website faster in proper way. There are several free online tools available to create a xml sitemap and also almost all SEO plugin comes with the functionality to create sitemaps.

5. Optimise Titles of the Webpages – Titles of the webpages should be of proper length (max 60-70 characters) and also should contain the Focus keyword ( keyword for which you want this page to rank). It would be great if the focus keyword comes at the beginning of the title, though you shouldn’t try to do it deliberately.

6. Place proper Meta Description tag on each Webpage – Description meta tag helps search engines to understand what your page is about. Keep a proper description with enough quantity of Focus keywords and keep it under 160 characters.

7. Keep Alt attribute for all the images – As you may know search engines can’t read images. They look for the alt attribute to understand what the image is about. Keeping alt attribute for all the images will help in SEO.

8. Keep the proper Heading structure (H1, H2 etc) on the webpage – Heading structure should be maintained in clear hierarchy like – H1 followed by H2 and so on.

9. Headings should contain the targeted keywords –  Headings on your webpage should contain the targeted keyword so it would give clear cut idea as to what your webpage is talking about and search engines can index it accordingly.

10. Use SEO plugins – You should use the best SEO plugins available to guide you through the SEO process of your website. Here are few suggested plugins –

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All in One SEO pack

Using the above methods you will surely improve the SEO of WordPress website  or Blog.

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