Security of a Wordpress website is an alarming issue in current times. Most of the prominent websites have faced serious attacks from hackers and spammers in recent times. You may think that how your small Wordpress website is a potential target for hackers or spammers. But it is a real threat to small websites also as small websites are mostly used to redirect traffic to ad websites. Spammer injects Wordpress virus in your website’s file system which either creates link in your page to some other ad websites or will redirect the page completely to a different website. So it is high time you get aware about this threat and start preparing for it. If in case someone gets successful in infecting your website with a virus, you should be able to remove it as soon as possible before do some non-recoverable damage to your website.

In this category of articles we will discuss about various type of Wordpress Virus and malware found in Wordpress websites. We will find out how to detect and identify a virus or malware file. Also we will give you detailed solution on how to disinfect or remove the virus files from your website.

Why favicon.ico Detected As Virus In WordPress Website – How To Resolve It ?

Sometimes your hosting's virus scanner detects innocent files types like favicon.ico as virus on your Wordpress website. You might be surprised to see this file in the detected virus list with the following type message: public_html/wp-includes/certificates/favicon_77ad69.ico detected as virus - {HEX}php.base64.v23au.186.UNOFFICIAL Why favicon.ico is detected as virus : If you…

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