How To Create A Social Networking Website Using WordPress ?

How To Create A Social Networking Website Using WordPress ?

Most of us are fantasied by creating a Social Networking website like Facebook. Creating such a website from scratch is a mountainous task. But with WordPress it can be done in hours with all basic functionalities included. This magic can be done by using a WordPress plugin – BuddyPress. Creating any type of membership site becomes very easy with buddypress and it is one big advantage of WordPress . This plugin brings in all basic Social media functions to your website like profile creation, post status, image sharing, like, comment etc. You can also install additional plugins to bring in more functionalities.

There are several free and premium themes also available to make your social media website look great. Isn’t it exciting to see your own social networking site coming up with so less effort. If may take you few hours of hard work to bring modules in place to make them easily accessible to the visitors.

It is easy to create but at same time it is really difficult to protect this site from spammers. Spammers are always looking for such websites where they can easily create their profiles without much authentication and start posting their links. What better option they can get than a social networking website where user restrictions are bare minimum. To keep your site secure you must keep a multilayer user authentication system for new users. This process can include Email Authentication as well as Mobile number authentication via OTP ( one time password). Keep a vigilant eye on the activities happening on your website.

Keep a properly drafted Privacy policy as well as terms of use to make sure that you don’t fall in trouble if someone posts any objectionable content your website. It should make you completely liability from from any such incident.


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