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    My website is showing an error while I am trying to login to the admin panel – Are you sure you want to do this followed by a link saying Please try again. Due to this issue I am not able to login to my website. Is there a way to solve this type of issue from cpanel or some other way. Please help, its really urgent.

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    This error usually occurs when WordPress couldn’t verify a NONCE. Most of you would be listening to the word NONCE for the first time an would be curious to what it is. It is a unique number which is generated by a theme, plugin or file for verification purpose.This error comes when a plugin or theme doesn’t use the NONCE properly and WordPress fails to verify it. To find the source of this error you might need to activate and deactivate your plugins one by one and check for the error is resolved. If you are not able to access the admin panel, you can do it from file manager by just renaming the folder of the respective plugin. For checking the theme rename the theme folder and check.

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