Why favicon.ico Detected As Virus In WordPress Website – How To Resolve It ?

Why favicon.ico Detected As Virus In WordPress Website – How To Resolve It ?

Sometimes your hosting’s virus scanner detects innocent files types like favicon.ico as virus on your WordPress website. You might be surprised to see this file in the detected virus list with the following type message:

public_html/wp-includes/certificates/favicon_77ad69.ico detected as virus – {HEX}php.base64.v23au.186.UNOFFICIAL

Why favicon.ico is detected as virus :

If you see the warning message carefully you will find the filename as favicon_77ad69.ico. The original favicon file name normally is favicon.ico in a WordPress website, if you have not changed it manually. If you have uploaded the favicon file from the theme option, you can check this file in the media section and compare it with the file detected as virus. If they are not with similar name then it seems that some hacker or spammer has tried to change the favicon of your website to make use of it as a proxy ad delivery website. It is a serious issue and you should resolve it at the earliest.

How to remove favicon.ico type virus from WordPress website –

Now once you find out that an external file with the dummy favicon name is inserted into your website, you should remove it. Before removing it make sure you have your original favicon.ico file intact. Now you can remove this virus by following steps :

  1. Open file manager in your cPanel or FTP account.
  2. Reach to the folder public_html/wp-includes/certificates where the virus file is detected.
  3. Delete the file and close the file manager.
  4. Re-run the virus scanner to check if the virus is not detected anymore.
  5. Clear your browser’s chache and open your website, check the favicon.

It may happen several times  that virus scanner may detect a file as virus which is very similar in name with some system file with a minor change. You should be able to identify that difference and act accordingly to remove the real virus file instead of removing the system files.

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