What Are The Major Errors/Issues While Working With WordPress And Their Solutions ?

What Are The Major Errors/Issues While Working With WordPress And Their Solutions ?

Though WordPress is quite a robust platform as every other platform it has its own issues.  There are times when we unknowingly abuse the system we are using, same people do with WordPress also. Installing unnecessary themes and plugins without any proper planning or knowledge about that plugin or theme, working with outdated plugins and themes, migrating the website to a new domain or new hosting. All this causes several common errors and issues.

WordPress has enabled millions of businesses to create their websites and take their business online. Also, there are several Web Agencies and Freelancers created their businesses around WordPress. It has created a very large community of WordPress users.

As you have planned to make your website on WordPress you should be aware of the major issues :

1. Incompatible/outdated themes:

You liked a theme very much and you installed it. OOPS, the website is not opening now or it’s throwing an error. It happens when you install a theme which is incompatible to your version WordPress or outdated.

Solution – Go to the theme section and deactivate this theme. Then you move to cPanel / FTP account and remove the theme files.

2. Incompatible/Outdated plugins: 

You searched hard for a plugin and installed it. But it crashed your website. This is a result of the plugin not being compatible with your version of WordPress or it is outdated.

Solution – If you are still able to access your admin panel, you can just deactivate the plugin and delete it with all its file and data. Also, do check the database for any tables created specifically by this plugin, delete them too. If you are not able to access your admin panel, you can go to your cPanel / FTP account and delete the plugin’s files from wp-content/plugins. Also, don’t forget to delete any table created by this plugin.

3. Error Establishing a Database connection while installing :

If you have just installed WordPress and facing this error, you might have placed the DB credentials incorrectly. It usually happens during migration. But if your website was running properly and suddenly showing this error, it can happen when due to some reason your hosting service providers’ database related tools are not working properly or are getting updated. Usually, this problem doesn’t stay for long.

4. Issues / Errors while migrating WordPress website to the new server :

Good that you are growing and needed to migrate your WordPress website to a better server. Bad if your current hosting service provider is troubling you and you are migrating your site yo another service provider. Check our article on how to migrate WordPress website to new host/server . You might face some common issues while migrating WordPress website to new host/server. Here are some common issues and errors and their solutions :

  1. Error connecting with the database: It might happen due to the incorrect credentials you place in the wp-config.php file for the database. Correct them and you will get this problem resolved.
  2. Internal Server Error 500 on pages other than home page: If you see this error while migrating WordPress website to new host/server, go to admin panel and open permalinks under the settings. Just click the save button at the bottom of the page. Done, the error should be gone now.
  3. Stopped receiving Email Notifications: If you have stopped receiving email notification for some of your functions, you might have forgotten to change the SMTP settings as per your new server/hosting. Change these setting to the new one.
  4. Homepage itself is not opening: If everything is done properly and still the homepage of your website is not opening, you might have carried a virus-like php injector to your server with the files. Goto your cpanel and run the virus scanner. Locate the virus infected files and replace them with the fresh files. Then go to port 80 section in the cpanel and click on the ‘Open Outbound port button’. Your website should be working now. If not then please connect with your hosting service provider.

5. Issues / Errors you might face while migrating WordPress website to a new domain :

If you are working on re-branding of your business and planning to move your WordPress website from one domain to another. Check out our article on how to migrate a WordPress website from one domain to another .  Some common issues may occur while you are in process of transferring, below are some of them and their solutions :

Migrate WordPress Website to the new domain

  1. Internal Server Error on pages other than the homepage: This is a very common problem you may face after migrating your WordPress website from one domain to another. To resolve this issue go to the admin panel and open permalinks in the settings section. Click on Save button below the permalink settings.  This should resolve the issue. If not write in the comment section.
  2. Email Notifications not working properly: If you are facing this issue you may check your Email settings, you might have forgotten to change them as per the new domain.

6. WordPress Parse Errors & Syntax Errors :

This type of error may occur when you add some code snippets to the WordPress websites’ function.php file. As you open the website after adding the code snippet, you encounter this error.

Solution – It is not a big issue, its just that your missed some semicolon or misspelled a syntax. So you don’t need to worry much. You just have to go back to the snippet you added and correct it. Save and refresh the website. It is surely gone. If in case you have added multiple snippets in multiple files, better make use of error log file and find out what code is causing this issue.

7. Internal Server Error :

It is one very common problem in WordPress or any other type of website. This message meant that there is something wrong and your server is not able to identify what is wrong. So it throws 500 Internal Server Error.

Solution – This is one very frequently faced issue and may cause due to multiple reasons and there are multiple solutions to it. So we have written a complete article about it. Read it at How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress website

8. White Screen of Death Error :

As we have a Blue Screen of Death in Windows, similarly we have a white screen of death in WordPress. When you open your website, it shows nothing but just a blank screen. It doesn’t display any error and you are left with a guessing game to identify the error.

Solution – As there is no error message displayed so it is quite annoying to find out the actual reason for the issue. So we follow the following steps :

    1. Check the Error Log file – Lets first check the error log file, if there is any visible error or warning we can find out. If it is there we can resolve that issue and our site will be live again.
    2. Check the memory limit – Check the memory limit as it causes a lot of issues in the WordPress website. Try to increase the memory limit and see if it works. You can read our article about How to Fix Memory Exhausted Error in WordPress Website
    3. Try using the default theme – Your current theme may be causing the issue. To test it enable the default theme and check the website. If it works then you know that the problem is with your theme and you need to correct it or change the theme
    4. Disable all plugins – If you are using multiple plugins, one of them may be causing the issue. Disable all the plugins (except the default ones) and see if the website works. If it works means that one of these plugins is creating the issue. To find which one it is you may need to disable them one by one and check for the site’s working. Once you find the culprit plugin you can correct it or replace it with another.
    5. Enable the Debug Mode – If still, you don’t have luck with any of the above methods you can now enable the debug mode from the wp-config.php file. In this file you will find a code section as follows :
      define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);You have to change the false to true to enable the debug mode. When you do this and open the website, it will show the exact errors & warnings.  With the help of this, you will be able to zero down to the problem.

9. Stuck with WordPress Maintenance Mode –

It sometimes happens that you find your WordPress website under an unexpected maintenance mode. You are scratching your head that you never have installed a maintenance mode plugin then how you are getting this problem. It also happens that it shows the same message even on the admin login page. So you are also stuck out of your admin area.

Solution –  This happens due to one of WordPress internal security measure. If some unexpected dangerous activity happens on the website, WordPress automatically creates a .maintenance file which shows this maintenance mode message and doesn’t let anyone get into the website. To solve this issue you will need the FTP access to your website. You can just get into the files of the website and delete this file. It will resolve the error right away.

10. Forgetting Username/Password and Locked out of Admin Area –

We all have to accept this fact that however hard we try but all of the face this situation that we forget the username or password for the admin panel.  It is not a WordPress issue but our brain’s issue which is very annoying. How to solve it now?

Solution – You can solve it in any of the two following ways depending on the situation :

  1. Using Forgot Password – If you can still access the admin Email Id of your WordPress website, you can use this method. Just click on the Forgot Password button. It will take you to a screen where you have to enter the admin email id. After entering the email id press the submit button. It will pop the message that the password resetting instructions are sent to the said email id. Now log into that email id and look for a password reset link. Click on this link and set a new password for your WordPress website. Hurray, now you would again be able to access your admin area.
  2. From The Database – If in case your forgot password option is not working or you are no longer able to access or remember your admin email id, you can use this method. For using this method you should have access to your Website’s database. Once you get into the database look for the table wp_users. Open this table and find the admin user’s record. Open this record in edit mode and change the password to what you want. Also, you will be able to see the Username there. Now you can access the admin panel.

11. Images Not Uploading/Showing Properly –

The images on your website or in the media library are not being shown properly or you are not able to upload new images. This is a very common problem in WordPress websites.

Solution –  Mostly the cause of this problem is the unexpected change in file’s permissions or folder’s permission where the images reside. Change the permission to the desired option and this problem will most probably go away. We have a complete article on it if you are facing this issue after migrating your website to a new server: WordPress Website Images not showing after migration to new domain

12. Connection Timed out Error –

This is also a common error which happens when some of your website’s resources fails to load in time. The connection is broken and it throws a connection timed out error.

Solution – This problem again may cause due to multiple issues and the process to be followed for solving this error is also similar to the one followed for the white screen of death error.

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