How to make money from WordPress Blog in 90 days ?

How to make money from WordPress Blog in 90 days ?

Have you ever thought of making money from the expertise you have by spreading knowledge about it? If you go a few years ago it was truly difficult as writing a book or becoming a writer with a newspaper/journal were the only options and they were not at all easy for a person without fame. But nowadays with the arrival of the internet and social media things have become simpler. Anyone can start their own blog and start spreading their knowledge and can make good money from that too. Though there are multiple platforms out there to create a blog, WordPress has stood apart since almost a decade. It has been the first choice of the bloggers, be it on or self-hosted. You can make money from WordPress blog really easy and without any technical knowledge.

Here we will provide you with information on tips and trends which will enable you to make money from WordPress blog.

  1. Don’t start an all-inclusive blog, keep it over a niche and write good content on this niche. You will be able to attract more readers.
  2. Keep your posts long enough to make it sound useful to google. Posts with 200-300 words don’t make much sense. The optimum size of a post should at least be 500-600 words. If you can make it up to 1000 or above it would be really awesome.
  3. Don’t stuff your post with too many keywords. Google sniffs it and penalizes your blog. Keep the volume of keywords not more than 2.5% of the total volume.
  4. Keep a newsletter subscription form on your blog and keep some call to action text asking visitors to fill it. Send regular updates to the subscribers.
  5. Keep the title of the post engaging and use trending keywords in it. It shouldn’t be too long or short.
  6. Follow good SEO practice while writing your posts.
  7. The content of your posts shouldn’t be copied from somewhere, it should be unique.
  8. Use good graphics in your posts. Though Google doesn’t read images but people do. Good graphics will keep your readers engaged for longer durations on your blog thus improving its ranking.
  9. Reply to the comments from your readers, it will keep them engaged and loyal.
  10. Keep inputting fresh content to your posts at regular intervals, Google loves fresh content.


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