How to migrate a WordPress Website from one domain to another ?

How to migrate a WordPress Website from one domain to another ?

If you are planning to transfer your WordPress domain from one domain to another, you can follow the below steps :

Step 1 – Take backup of files from the old domains public_html folder – In old domain’s cPanel, go to the file manager and take backup of all the files.

Step 2 – Take backup of the database from old domain – Go to phpMyAdmin, select the respective database and export it as a .sql file.

Step 3 – Upload files to the new domains public_html folder – Goto new domain’s cPanel, go to the file manager and upload the files back taken in step 1 to the public_html folder of the new domain’s hosting.

Step 4 – Create a new database in the new domain’s hosting – In the cPanel create a new database using the mySQL database wizard and set the DBname, DB Username and password. Keep a note of these credentials.

Step 4 – Import the database backup to the new database – Goto phpMyAdmin and import the database backup taken in step 2 to the new database created in step 4.

Step 5 – Connect Database with the file system – Open wp-config.php file in the file manager of the new hosting. Change the old Database credentials with the new database credentials.

Step 6 – Changing URL in the database – Goto phpMyAdmin and open the new database. Click in the wp_options table and change the Home URL and Site URL to the new domain.

Issues / Errors you might face while migrating WordPress website to a new domain :

Some common issues may occur while you are in process of transferring, below are some of them and their solutions :

  1. Internal Server Error on pages other than the homepage: This is a very common problem you may face after migrating your WordPress website from one domain to another. To resolve this issue go to admin panel and open permalinks in the settings section. Click on Save button below the permalink settings.  This should resolve the issue. If not write in the comment section.
  2. Email Notifications not working properly: If you are facing this issue you may check your Email settings, you might have forgotten to change them as per the new domain.



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