How to migrate a WordPress Website from one server / hosting to another ?

How to migrate a WordPress Website from one server / hosting to another ?

Here are the steps to migrate your WordPress Website from one server / hosting to another:

Step 1 – Take Backup of files : Take the backup of files in public_html folder from the file manager. Make sure you are taking backup of the hidden files also.

Step 2 – Take Database backup : Take the backup of the database from phpMyAdmin.

Step 3 – Upload files in new hosting :  Upload  the files backup in the public_html folder of the new hosting and extract it.

Step 4 – Create a database in new hosting : Create a new database and DB User in the new hosting using MySQL database wizard. Copy the username and password and keep it safe.

Step 5 – Import the database backup : Open the new database in the phpMyAdmin tool and import the database backup in this database. Make sure all the tables are copied. Checkout this article for common errors while uploading the database .

Step 6 – Connecting database to file system in wp-config.php file: Open wp-config.php file in the file manager. Change the DBname, db Username and password in this file and save it.

Issues / Errors while migrating WordPress website to the new server :

You might face some common issues while migrating WordPress website to new host/server. Here are some common issues and errors and their solutions :

  1. Error connecting with the database: It might happen due to the incorrect credentials you place in the wp-config.php file for the database. Correct them and you will get this problem resolved.
  2. Internal Server Error 500 on pages other than home page: If you see this error while migrating WordPress website to new host/server, go to admin panel and open permalinks under the settings. Just click the save button at the bottom of the page. Done, the error should be gone now.
  3. Stopped receiving Email Notifications: If you have stopped receiving email notification for some of your functions, you might have forgotten to change the SMTP settings as per your new server/hosting. Change these setting to the new one.
  4. Homepage itself is not opening: If everything is done properly and still the homepage of your website is not opening, you might have carried a virus-like php injector to your server with the files. Goto your cpanel and run the virus scanner. Locate the virus infected files and replace them with the fresh files. Then go to port 80 section in the cpanel and click on the ‘Open Outbound port button’. Your website should be working now. If not then please connect with your hosting service provider.

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