50 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins and Tools for 2018

50 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins and Tools for 2018

Plugins are the heartbeat of any WordPress website. Availability of such an enormous number of plugins is one of the biggest benefit of WordPress. If you are running or planning to run a WordPress Website or Blog you must be aware about the most popular and must have WordPress plugins and tools. Though you should be really careful before installing a new plugin on your website.

Before installing a new plugin to your WordPress website do the following research :

  1. Check the compatibility of the plugin with your WordPress version.
  2. Read the reviews about the plugin to know about the user experience before installing it as uninstalling few plugins is not very straight forward as they create some database tables also which are to be deleted manually.
  3. Check the authenticity of the plugin author and the type of support they can provide.
  4. Take a full backup of site before installing any new plugin.
  5. New plugin should not interfere with any of the existing plugins functionality.
  6. Check the plugin file for virus like php injectors before installing.

WordPress Plugins and Tools for Security :

1. All in One WP Security & Firewall- 

It is one of the top rated WordPress plugin for security purpose. It help you securing your website from any type of external attack or internal vulnerability. Below are the major features :

  • It doesn’t slow down your website and it is 100% free.
  • Brute force attack protection in Login process.
  • Protection in registration process by blocking spammers Email Ids / IPs
  • Firewall protection.
  • File permission management.
  • Database backup and security.

2. Wordfence Security –

Wordfence is again one of the most popular WordPress plugin for the security of a WordPress website. It is available as a Free plugin with limited features and as premium version with advanced features. Major features of Wordfecne security are similar to the All in One WP security.

3. BulletProof Security –

Bulletproof security is one great offering from WordPress community to secure your WordPress website. With 90,000+ installs and 4.5/5 ratings it is a widely popular tool but not as the other two mentioned above.

 Check here the detailed list of  Top Plugins to keep your WordPress Website Secure

WordPress Plugins & Tools For SEO :

4. Yoast SEO –

It is by far the best WordPress SEO plugin. It is used by most of the high end WordPress websites to boost their traffic. With 5 million+ installs and 5/5 rating it is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. You can install its basic version free from WordPress Inventory directly via your admin panel. Though it also has a premium version, its free version is also very effective. Its premium version is available at $89 annually. It majorly offers following functionalities :

  • Sitemap Generation in multiparts with index file.
  • Setting up metatags like title, description and keywords.
  • Defining focus keyword, 1 focus keyword in free version and multiple focus keywords in premium version.
  • Real time monitoring of the post as you write for SEO best practices.
  • On the go internal linking suggestions ( only in premium)

5. All in One SEO pack –

After Yoast SEO it is the second best WordPress plugin for SEO. With 3 million+ installs and 4.5/5 ratings it is also quite popular. It has all the settings in a single page against the multipage settings on its counterparts. It is also available as a free plugin as well as a premium version for additional features. It comes as an out of box tool and as a beginner you don’t need to make any specific settings. Advanced users can tweak the settings as per their preference.

Check here the detailed list of  Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress Plugins & Tools For Forms :

6. Gravity Forms –

This plugin is only available as a premium plugin from Gravity forms official website ( (https://www.gravityforms.com). We have included it in this list as, Gravity forms offers a large number of free addons for its forms which can be used with Gravity Forms.

7. Formidable Forms –

Formidable is very efficient form builder plugin with all basic and advanced options. It is available as free as well as premium version. Free version comes with basic functions like Creating From fields, Managing email notifications, managing success message and general settings. Premium version comes with functions like Conditional fields, Custom field layouts, Prebuilt templates etc.

8. Contact Form 7 –

It is a very simple and easy to use form builder plugin with limited capabilities. Though it is quite popular, but its popularity is mostly because it comes pre-packaged with most of the Free or Premium themes.

9. Ninja Forms –

You can create any type of forms with Ninja forms, be it registration form, subscription form, enquiry form etc. It is very easy to mange and offers quite a good number of options even in the free version.

10. WP Forms –

It is more commonly termed as drag and drop form builder, it is very easy to use.

Check here the detailed list of  Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

WordPress Plugins & Tools For Caching :

11. W3 Total Cache –

This is the best plugin to speed up a WordPress website and make your website run rocket fast. With 1 million+ installs and 4.3/5 ratings it is a very popular plugin and also is used by several popular websites also.

12. WP Super Cache –

It is created by Automattic, which is also the parent company of WordPress. This plugin works by creating static html pages from the dynamic bog content and then serves it as and when request, thus reducing time in processing php each time a resource is requested. With 1 million+ installs and 4.5/5 rating it is also quite popular.

Check here the detailed list of  Best WordPress Plugins to Speed up your Website 

WordPress Plugins & Tools For Page Builder :

13. Page Builder by Site Origin – 

With 1 million+ installs and 5/5 ratings it is the most popular WordPress plugin for Page Building. It is extremely simple to use and doesn’t need any technical expertise to use.

14. Elementor – 

It is also a very popular plugin with 300,000 + installs and 5/5 ratings, people love to use it as it offers very high end design elements and you can create any modern type page design quite easily. Also it offers a number of free templates to use.

15. Visual Composer  – 

It is not available to install free in WordPress inventory but comes with most of the premium themes pre-packaged. It has a large number of premium design elements specially for e-commerce websites.

Check here the detailed list of  Best Page Builder WordPress Plugins to create custom Webpages

WordPress Plugins & Tools For Managing Images :

16. WP Smush Pro – 

The major problem with WordPress website is the loading speed. Loading speed of a website is most impacted by the image size. As you add more images on a webpage, it loads slower and slower. WP Smush works by reducing the size of the images using compression algorithms and help the webpages load faster. It can reduce the mage sizes upto 70% in some cases which is a huge advantage. It comes as a free version with limited capabilities and also as premium version with full functionalities. Get details

17. Compress JPEG and PNG images – 

It is one extension of a very famous online tool to compress images – Tinypng.  It is the most effective tool can compress your image without any noticeable loss in the quality of the image. The images you upload after activating this plugin will automatically be compressed while the images which were already uploaded can be compressed at once by using Bulk compress option.

wordpress plugin for image compression

With 100,000+ installs and 4.5 /5 rating it is among the most popular image compression plugin on WordPress. You can compress upto 500 images per month free of cost just by adding an API key from the parent website. For additional images you have connect your card and will be billed accordingly based on monthly uses. Get details

Check here the detailed list of  Best Image Compression Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Plugins & Tools For Newsletter :

18. The Newsletter Plugin –

It is the most complete news letter plugin available for WordPress. It has a plethora of features like Creating subscription from, creating newsletter, sending newsletter, tracking newsletters, multiple themes, double optin option etc. With these features it works as a standalone solution. It is a free plugin with all the basic features needed for running a Newsletter system for your website or blog.

Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

With 200,000+install and 4.4/5 ratings it is quite popular among users. You can have unlimited subscribers and can send unlimited newsletters, the software doesn’t put any restriction on you but your server may. This plugin will send newsletter using your server’s resources and these resources are limited by the hosting service provider. You must be aware about these server restrictions while using this plugin. Get details

19. Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin by Icegram – 

This plugin can help you immensely to create a quality subscriber list. It can’t send newletters by itself but can be integrated with Mailchimp, there you can utilize all the features offered in the package you selected. In this plugin you can create various type of Email collection tools like Action bar, messenger, popup, toast etc.

You are also offered with multiple pre-built templates to start with, thus creating the task extremely easy. With 30,000+ installs it doesn’t seems to boast good popularity but as being a new plugin in the market, it can be warranted as it has 5/5 ratings from almost 170 votes.

Miscellaneous WordPress Plugins & Tools :

20. JetPack –  

Jetpack is one plugin which is coming pre-installed in the WordPress. It offers the WordPress.com features in a WordPress.org Website.  With Jetpack you get advanced features like Visitor Engagement tools, enhanced security, spam filter, social sharing options.   It also comes with an option for light weight mobile theme, which make your mobile user experience a breeze. Get details

21. Google Analytics by Share This – 

There are a number of plugins available for Google Analytics integration with your WordPress website. Among them this plugin from Share This is the most powerful and precise. Once you install his you can easily connect your Google analytics account with your website either by Authenticating with Google or by just entering the property Id manually. It provides you options to exclude visits from specific users like – Author, Admin, Contributor etc.  Get more details 

22. Akismet Anti-Spam – 

Akismet is one of the plugins comes pre-installed on WordPress. It helps to filter spam by blocking activities from the IP addresses which are identified as spammers by Akismet tool. To make it work you need to register on Akismet website and create an account and get an API key. Get more details

23. Snapshot Backup Plugin –

What if someone hacks your website, or you damage your website accidentally ? Did you take a back up of your website ? But what if the backup is also corrupted or lost ? Did you take backup of backup ? Confusing right ? Snapshot will help you with this confusing scenario. Snapshot lets you create a backup of your WordPress website and let you store it on online locations like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. The backups can also be scheduled and will run automatically. So do you want to make your website ready for a possible attack – Get details 

24. Woocommerce – 

It is a very vast plugin and can convert your simple WordPress website into a fully working Online store, where you can sell anything from Grocery to machinery. It is by far the biggest plugin on WordPress and comes with enormous number of features. There are specific Themes and plugins available for Woocommerce. Get more details

25. Yet another Related Posts Plugin –

This plugin is very useful for a Blog as this plugins enables you to display the list of posts related to the main post of that page. This relations can be based on different criteria like similar category, similar tag etc. You can decide on which type of relationship is to be used to display the related posts. Get details

Our research is on. More plugins are coming very soon….

There are too many WordPress Plugins and tools which deserve to be in this list, we will keep updating this list on regular interval. We are trying to keep this list exclusive only those WordPress plugins and tools which have some specific role and usually covered in other such articles. Please suggest in comments section if you are looking plugin for any specific need.

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