How To Move Your Blog From To in 10 Minutes

How To Move Your Blog From To in 10 Minutes

So you were running your blog on As most of us does, once we think to start a blog we create free blog on Once  it start getting some visitors we go the premium plan of Everything seems to be falling in place till we start thinking about design customisation and additional features in our website. Also working out monetisation options also become challenging with limited options on Now we start thinking about a website on our own separate hosting with full control on every aspect of the website. Instead of taking to some unfamiliar platform, it is always good to take it to the similar platform with more freedom. Thus comes can be installed on your own hosting and there is almost infinite supply of themes and plugins for The major challenge to accomplish this transition is to transfer the data you have on Lets see –

What are the preparation needed before you start the transition ?

Before you start with the migration you will need to consider the following :

  1. You should have access to change the DNS of the domain or Authorisation code to transfer the domain to another host. It is being seen that may create issues while you try to change the DNS, as has also been a case with me earlier. Its always better to get the domain transferred to the hosting service provider company itself for easy support.
  2. High performance hosting – As the performance of a website on is really very good. You need to find an equally good performing hosting service provider.  There are several options available like Godaddy, Bigrock, WP Engine, Hostgator, Bluehost, AWS, Google Cloud etc.
  3. installation files.

As we consider that you have bought the new hosting and also have pointed the domain to this hosting :

First Take the Back of Content from :

Use the Export tool in admin panel and take a backup of full content from the old website.

Now You should install WordPress on the new hosting :

If you are working on a cPanel based hosting , it is really easy to install WordPress by using the Softaculous tool. In case your hosting is not cPanel based or it doesn’t provide Softaculous tool by default. Then you need to follow the following steps :

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress Installation files from It would be in zip format.
  2. Upload this zip file to the server via file manage or FTP account access.
  3. Create a database in this hosting. Keep the Database name, DB username and password safe.
  4. Now run the WordPress installation by typing the URL and follow the instructions. It is quite straight forward.

Then Setup themes and Plugins as per your requirement, or I should say Design your New Website –   

Now once WordPress is installed, access the admin panel and setup the theme and plugins as per your requirements. Make the basic settings done.

Finally transfer the content back you took from old Website –  

Now use the import tool on in the admin panel of new website and import the backup file you created. It shouldn’t give you any trouble if the backup file size is not very large and in limit of server restriction. If not you can ask your hosting service provider to extend the limit temporarily. You can also try bifurcating the backup file in multiple parts and then upload them.

Though it is quite a simple process if everything goes as per the books. But things might go difficult if something fails. As I have done it several times and faced and resolved a new issue every time. Please write in comments if you face any issue. I can help you out with the issue.


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