Why You Must Use Newsletters To Promote Your WordPress Blog ?

Why You Must Use Newsletters To Promote Your WordPress Blog ?

As you know SEO and Social Media where we usually promote our blogs, are not under our 100% control and may ditch you anytime. Till yesterday you were on first page of Google search results but today you are not. Till yesterday all your followers or fans were shown your posts but today only a fraction of it (like what Facebook did since 2013). These sudden changes in the content promotion strategies of Search engines or Social media sites will impact your blogs traffic health and your financial health adversely if you were 100% dependent on these medias. You must work on a alternate medium to promote your blog, which is in your control. Emailing regular newsletter is one of them. But to mail newsletter you need to have a relevant list of Email Ids of the people who are interested in the content you are creating. Who better can be for this purpose than your previous readers. If you could somehow ask these reader to leave their Email Ids with you saying that you will inform them once you write another piece of content. It is possible by placing a newsletter subscription form on your blog.

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