Preparation you should do to start a Superhit WordPress Blog ?

Preparation you should do to start a Superhit WordPress Blog ?

Great! You are planning to start a WordPress blog and want to make it a super hit. You need to do a lot of preparation before you finally get on to start it. If you start a blog without enough preparation you will end up finding yourself in a lot of confusion over what to do first. Here are some tips to help you make those required preparations: 

  1. Find a catchy domain name – This is one of the most challenging tasks for a blogger to decide the name of his/her blog. If your blog is related to a particular niche, your domain name should reflect it clearly. At the same time, the name should not be very long or techy. It should be easily rememberable to your readers.
  2. Find a good hosting service – Next thing is that you should find a really good performing hosting service. Most of the blogs fail due to the selection of cheap hosting service which ends up in user experience in site performance. You should choose a credible hosting service like Godaddy / BigRock / Hostgator.
  3. Take https for your blog – Secure your blogging site to boost up readers experience especially if you are collecting any type of information from them.
  4. Find some time to write posts – Till today you had a very busy schedule, how would you find time to manage a blog and writing posts from tomorrow. You need to sit and think about how much time you can devote to this new baby of yours. You may think about hiring freelance writers if you do not have enough time. Schedule thins in advance else you will end up hanging in the middle of nowhere.
  5. SEO knowledge – Collect some basic knowledge about SEO ( search engine optimization), as you are writing blogs so people can read them. People will find them only when it is searchable on google or other search engines. Unless you follow good SEO practices while writing your blog you will not be able to bring your website on top of search engines.
  6. Think about social presence – You should think about the social presence of your blog as you will get the maximum number of readers from social media itself. There should be your blogs page/profile on every social networking website to make sure people notice when you write something.
  7. Plan for monetizing – If your aim to blog is to create a new income source and why it shouldn’t be, you earned expertise in some field and you have all the rights to take worth of it. You should plan for monetizing the blog in the best possible way with multiple ad partners. Never rely on just one of them.

There might be a lot of other things which I might not be able to cover up here, but with all these things the major preparation is the dedication as making a successful blog is like reducing weight, in the beginning, you won’t see any visible result but you need to keep doing to see the results in future. There is a lot of competition in every niche these days as a lot of content is already available on various blogs. You must be unique and engaging with your content, then only people will like it and become your repeating readers.

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