How To Restore A WordPress Website From Database Backup

How To Restore A WordPress Website From Database Backup

Have you ever thought that what would happen if your website crashes suddenly? Now there can be situation like

  1. If you have complete backup of your website (File + Database) or
  2. If you only have backup of your Files and not the database
  3. If you only have backup of your database and not the files
  4. If you don’t have any backup.

If you are in situation 2 or 4, get ready to start your website from scratch, there is no way you can restore your website. Hopefully you have the content and images available somewhere. But if you are in situation 1 or 3, you can restore your website. Specially if you are in situation 1, you can easily restore your website in a similar way as you migrate your WordPress website to a new hosting . But if you are in situation 3, it is a bit typical to get your website back. Lets discuss how you can get it back.

Before you continue with this article further, you should have the following :

1. Credentials to your hosting control panel.
2. Backup of your Database.

Follow the below steps now :

1.  Create A New Database:

Create a new database and database user by using the MySQL Database Wizard tool. Please the database user’s password noted somewhere.

2. Import the WordPress Database Backup to the newly created Database.
First of all develop an empty MySQL database. Execute the hosting control panel and see your MySQL Databases. After that Develop a database and allocate a user to it. Execute your newly created/developed database using phpMyAdmin. Atlast Import the database you have saved from your later WordPress installation.

3.  Re-Install WordPress
Download the WordPress installation files and Upload the WordPress file to your hosting account. Just don’t run the WordPress installation.

4. Setup the wp-config.php file 

Setup the wp-config.php file with the database details, we created in earlier steps.

5.  Re-install the Themes and Plugins
Re-install your themes. Just install the same theme that you have used as your default one very before. Now re-install your earlier installed plugin.

6. Now Fix the Permalinks as it was earlier
You can fix your Permalinks by clicking on Settings on your Dashboard and after that executing your Permalinks section. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the window

7. Put up the Missing Images
re-upload each and every image that is missing from the content. To make it simple for you then find which images are actually missing. You can install it through the official plugin via your WordPress admin area. Execute your fresh installed plugin through the Dashboard. re-upload the gone/missing images and, if required update their links.

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