Things To Consider While Making A Newsletter Subscription Form

Things To Consider While Making A Newsletter Subscription Form

While you are placing a Newsletter Subscription form you must remember the following things:

  1. Newsletter subscription form must not have unnecessary fields like name, contact no. etc. It should only come with one field for Email Id. People usually don’t like to fill information which they don’t feel is necessary for the purpose.
  2. It should be placed at a location where it is easily visible and accessible from any type of device like – desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.
  3. If you are planning the form to be putup in a Pop up, plan it very delicately as pop ups sometimes becomes very irritating and pushes the visitor out of your website.
  4. Pop us must only come once in a day maximum. If a visitors closes the popup it must not come again till the next day.
  5. If a visitors fills the pop up form, it must not be displayed to him again.
  6. Newsletter optin can be made part of another form like Registration form or query form, thus not creating any additional burden and will increase the probability of subscription. This optin can be put like a checkbox below the form. If a visitor clicks this checkbox while filling the form, it will get subscribed to the newsletter also automatically.
  7.  Newsletter subscription form should be accompanied by a Privacy policy just to give your user confidence on your data sharing policy with any third party.

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