Top 5 Methods To Monetize Your WordPress Blog in 2018

Top 5 Methods To Monetize Your WordPress Blog in 2018

Maximum people start their blog with an objective to monetize their expertise. And there is nothing wrong in thinking so. In this information hungry world people spend a good amount of their time in gathering information via different medias like TV, News Paper, Magazine, Social Media Sites etc. One thing which is common among these media is that they offer a wide variety of information and the viewer / reader / listener has to filter the information they want. Blogs brings a new perspective in this equation. Most bloggers writes on a Niche and the target audience are the people interested in that particular Niche. It is good for the visitor as they can subscribe to a particular blog and will keep getting relevant information about that topic. This is how bloggers are making visitors life easy. So they can surely expect some reward for it.

There are several ways you can monetise your blog. If your blog is on WordPress, it offers several tools and plugins which makes it easy to be monetized. Most of the monetization medias pays you a specific amount when people click on the ads or takes some action on the target website. Majorly there are three types of monetization available:

1. CPC (Cost Per Click) – It is the most popular and maximum used way of monetization as you get paid whenever someone click on the ad displayed on your blog. Whether this visitors takes any action or not on the target website, you will be paid regardlessly. Adsense is the biggest name in this sector. Other players are Chitika, Infolinks etc. As you signup on any of these platforms, they will verify your website. Once you are verified you can take the adcodes and display them on your blog at spaces where it can attract maximum visitors.

cost per click campaign

2. CPA (Cost Per Action) – There are several ad Networks offering to run CPA ads. You can put these ads on your WordPress blog. Unlike CPC ads you will not be paid on click basis. You will be paid only when the visitor takes some action on the target website, like Signup or Lead generation, Click on a particular link etc. Though it is a bit less effective as compared to CPC but the amount you earn per action will be way more than what you would have earned from CPC.

cost per action


3. Being Affiliate – You can register on E-commerce websites as affiliate and put up their affiliate link on your blog. When people reach to these shopping sites via your affiliate links and buy something, you get your commission. You can either go for multiple brands or become loyal to one particular brand. Here is how affiliate system works.


4. Direct Ads – If your blog is an authority in some domain, you can directly reach out to business in this domain and show them your visitors statistics and ask them to put their ad on your blog. You can give them a monthly or annual subscription. You can also put up an Advertise Here type banner on your blog and connect it to a form so people who find your blog suitable to putup their business ad, will contact you directly.

direct advertisement

5. Sell Merchandise – You can create an Online Store in one sub-section (sub-directory / sub-domain) of your website and can sell items related to your trade. If you are really famous and have a loyal reader base, you can create your own merchandise and sell them on your store. If you don’t want to get into the tedious process of procurement and logistics, you can become reseller.

sell merchandise


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