How To Transfer Content From Old To New WordPress Website ?

How To Transfer Content From Old To New WordPress Website ?

As we discussed in earlier article on Migrating the WordPress website to a new domain , it is quite easy to do that. But what if you don’t want to migrate the whole website but only the content like posts/pages/media. It is a bit tricky but not difficult. This is considered one big benefit of WordPress as migrating the whole website or transferring the content alone is very simple.

Let me consider that you have already created your new website and your old website is also up and running. It is necessary that your old website is still live else transferring the images and other media files will not be possible.  Follow the below steps to accomplish the process:

  1. Open the Admin panel of your old website.
  2. Go to Tools section and open Export tool.
  3. Select all content and click download, back up of your old website’s content will be generated in XML format. Save this file.
  4. Now open the Admin panel of your new website.
  5. Goto tools section and open import. Select WordPress.
  6. Browse the file you saved in step 3 and click on import.
  7. It will ask you whether you want to upload the attachments. Tick this option. Also select the author to whom you want to attribute this content to. Start the process.
  8. Now go to Settings -> Permalinks. Don’t change anything but just click the save button at the bottom of this page.
  9. Once done, check if all the content you wanted to transfer is available on the new website in proper format.
  10. If you are getting timeout error while importing the backup file check this – How to fix Timeout error while importing XML backup file to WordPress
  11. If you are facing problem with images check this – WordPress Website Images not showing after migration to new domain

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