The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On WordPress Website

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On WordPress Website

The name Cheat Sheet might be misleading in this case but this is what is used for this stuff generally. It is actually the list of common files, snippets, functions, variable etc used in WordPress structure. With this list, you will get a good overview of the WordPress code structure and will find it easy to customize WordPress themes and plugins.

What is CheatSheet?

Cheatsheet is usually referred to as a set of instructions/information about the internal structure of a software. Once you know the internal structure of a software you will be able to understand and customize it completely. As you may understand that only open source software comes with a cheat sheet on their own. Any licensed software will never bring up its own cheatsheet. So people try to get into that software going out of the way and bring up the information which is called cheatsheet as it is a cheating in itself when we see it with respect to a licensed software. But when we talk about an opensource software it doesn’t amount to any unethical practice as its developer allows us to use it any way we wish to.  Still, the name carries.  So though it is not wrong to understand WordPress’ internal structure and modify it. Hope now you are ok with the phrase Cheatsheet.

How is CheatSheet Useful for WordPress?

As we discussed that Cheatsheet provides information about the internal code structure of WordPress. You get to know about all the basic functions and snippets used in WordPress code which make it easy for you to work with the WordPress website. Let’s understand it with an example – If you need to put the register page link at some place on your WordPress website. It seems to be a difficult task as you might need to find the link to this page in the WordPress code. But if you go through the Cheatsheet you will find a function wp_register(); . This can be used to display the register link anywhere on the website.

By the above example, you would have understood how important the understanding of cheatsheet is.

Common Cheat Sheets on WordPress

Here are some commonly used cheatsheets for WordPress :

index.phpFile for Initialization of WordPress Instance
single.phpFile for Single Post structure
archive.phpFile for Category / Archive page structure
searchform.phpFile for Search Form structure
search.phpFile for Search Content Display structure
style.cssBase Stylesheet file
sidebar.phpSidebar structure file
comments.phpComment format file
404.phpPage Not Found error file
header.phpHeader structure file
page.phpFile for Single Post structure
bloginfo(‘name’);To display site title
wp_title();To display title of specific post or page
get_stylesheet_directory_uri();Location of style.css file
bloginfo(‘charset’);Charset parameter of the site
bloginfo(‘html_type’);HTML version for the website
bloginfo(‘rss2_url’);RSS2 URL for the site
bloginfo(‘atom_url’);Atom URL for the site
bloginfo(‘version’);WordPress version used in the site
bloginfo(‘name’);Website’s name
bloginfo(‘template_url’);Theme’s files URL
bloginfo(‘pingback_url’);Site’s pingback URL
the_content();Post content
if(have_posts()):To check if there is any post
while(have_posts()): the_post();If posts are available show them
endwhile;Close while loop
endif;Close if block
edit_post_link();URL to edit a page or post
get_links_list();Links from blogroll
comments_template();Content of comment.php file
posts_nav_link();Next and Previous post link
get_header();Get the header content from header.php file
get_sidebar();Get the sidebar content from sidebar.php file
get_footer();Get the footer content from footer.php file
wp_list_pages();List of pages
wp_list_cats();List of categories
bloginfo(‘description’);Description of site
the_time(‘m-d-y’);Date in Month, Date, Year format
next_post_link(‘%link’);Link to the next post
previoust_post_link(‘%link’);Link to the previous post
get_calendar()’Built in calender
wp_get_archives();Archives list
comments_popup_link();Link for the comments on the post
the_title()’;Specific post or page title
the_permalink();Link URL for specific post or page
the_category();Holds category of specific post or page
the_author();Author of the post or page
/%postname%/Customized permalinks
include(TEMPATEPATH . ‘/x’);Include an external file file
the_search_query();Value for the search form
_e(‘Message’);Prints out message
wp_register();Display the register link
wp_loginout();Display the login/logout link
wp_meta();Meta for administrators
echo get_num_queries();Queries to load the page
Divides the content into pages
timer_stop(1);Time to load the page
Cuts off the content and adds a read more link

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