4 Ways You Are Compromising Security Of Your WordPress Website Yourself

4 Ways You Are Compromising Security Of Your WordPress Website Yourself

We all put up a lot of effort in creating and managing your Business / Blog Website built on WordPress. Thus its security becomes a prime concern for us. We are always vigilant that some outsider may hack and damage our website. Though there are ways we ourselves are compromising with our website’s security and making it vulnerable to attack from hackers and spammers. Lets see 4 major ways you are unknowingly compromising your WordPress website’s security :

1. Leaving Inactive Plugins – We all have habit of installing a number of WordPress plugins to check their working. We usually deactivate them if don’t find them usable. In long run we gather lot of such inactive plugins in our website, which are no longer in use and also not going to be used in future. We also usually forget to update these plugins. These plugins can become the source of trouble. Hackers can use them to gain backdoor entry to your website and damage it. So it is advisable to remove these inactive plugins properly without leaving a trace.

2. User Accounts Security – Letting users create accounts with weak credentials can also become a big problem. Specially if these user has some sort of role to play in managing the website. Hackers can make use of any of these accounts to break into your website. Put some restriction on users so they have compulsorily to create a strong password.

3. Admin User Account Security – For admin user you must be extra careful and even keep the URL of login page non-guessable to the hackers. There are few plugins available for the same. Also never keep the user name of admin as admin. It reduces the effort of an hacker to hack your website as he already knows the username and only have to guess the password now. If you keep username and password both strong and not easily guessable, hacker will find it really tough to break in.

Top Plugins to help secure your WordPress Website

4. Unmoderated Comments –  If you are in a hurry to garner more comments on your posts or website and have left the comments un-moderated, you have made your website a paradise for spammers and they will take full advantage of it and flood your website with comment including links to various websites. Don’t let any comment pass unmoderated. Read them and publish them only if you find them reasonable.

By taking care of small thing you can keep your WordPress website safe atleast from your side. Let the hackers or spammers have a tough day.

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