How is WordPress Better Than Wix ? WordPress Vs Wix Comparison

How is WordPress Better Than Wix ? WordPress Vs Wix Comparison

Those who want to create a Website for their business, often become confused with the available choices. There are a number of Website builder tools and CMS available which you can use to build your website. One such situation is to choose between WordPress & Wix. Let me first tell you that both are quite potent platforms and you can create your business website quite easily on any of them. As is the destiny that you have to choose the better among the best, let me help you in choosing between WordPress & Wix. There are a number of articles on which one you should prefer. But you will get more confused after reading them as most of them just compare features of these platforms and gives their verdict based on each feature. It is left over you to decide which one to be used. After reading this piece you will be completely sorted.

Design – Themes & Templates

When it comes to create a Business website, look and feel of the website becomes utmost importance. People visiting your website will imagine your company’s image based on the look and feel of your website. It is quite similar to the brick and mortar model of business. If you office / shop looks posh, there are more chances that visitors take your product or service.

Both Wix and WordPress offers great templates and options to customize the designs. Lets see a comparison in their designs and layout modelling.

Wix – It offers 1000+ pre-built responsive templates to choose from. All these templates are HTML 5 based and responsive, thus looking equally good on various screen sizes. Templates are categorised in various groups to make the selection process easy. Major categories are Business, eCommerce, Arts, Education etc.

You can also make customisation in the layout and arrangement of the items after installing any particular theme. A big problem is that you can not switch to another template once you start. You can make customisation in this template but will not be able to use another template.

WordPress – WordPress also comes with a number of templates. The number templates available for WordPress is way higher than the templates available for Wix. Also the level of customisation you can do in WordPress themes is very high. As you have access to the full source code of WordPress website, you can make any type of changes if you are well versed in coding.

Usability Of  Admin Panel for Novice Users

Usability of admin panel is of utmost importance for novice users. For an expert developer any kind of admin panel is ok to work with. But in case of novice user ease of use becomes very crucial.

Wix – Wix admin panel is quite graphical in nature and is very beautifully designed. Also it comes with all the required features of the website and no addons are needed to be installed and setup.

WordPress – Though the admin panel of WordPress is also very easy to use, but it is less visually appealing. Also you may need to install different plugins to bring in different features like form, page builder etc. It makes this task a bit difficult for novice user as they have to go through a lot of plugins before deciding on which one to finally use.

Advantages of Using WordPress For Your Website 

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