WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Comparison of which is better

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Comparison of which is better

To execute your plan on creating a WordPress Blog you can start with one of the two options –

  1. WordPress.com – It is a hosted blogging platform from WordPress. You can create your blog here which will be hosted with WordPress itself. You can start with a Free blog here under a subdomain of WordPress.com and also opt for a separate domain like www.xyz.com. It is a really good solution especially for the people who have no idea about managing their own hosting and domain. At the same time, it is also quite a rigid solution with very fewer options to customize the blog to your requirements.
  2. WordPress.org – It is a self-hosted solution from WordPress where you have to host your blog on your own hosting. It will need you to have some level of knowledge about hosting management. You can install the WordPress CMS on your hosting. Once set up it is really very simple to use and doesn’t need any technical expertise. As it is a self-hosted solution, you are free to customize it to any extent in terms of look and functions. There is a plethora of themes and plugins available for this solution.

Comparison between WordPress.com and WordPress.org –

  1. Hosting – As WordPress.com is a hosted solution, you don’t have many options when it comes to performance optimization. While WordPress.org is a self-hosted solution you can choose from multiple hosting options available in the market and choose as per your need.  Winner – WordPress.org
  2. Designs – Though WordPress.com also offers a number of templates but in WordPress.org you have an infinite number of choice when it comes to design. You can also work out a completely customized blog with wordpress.org due to this flexibility.   Winner – WordPress.org
  3. Functionalities – com offers a limited number of functionalities necessary to run a Blog while in WordPress.org you can create any functionality with the use of plugins or by writing custom code. Winner – WordPress.org
  4. Performance – com offers a very robust environment which lets your website run at optimum performance. With no-nonsense features, there are very fewer chances for your website to malfunction. While in WordPress.org it is quite common to face a performance-based issue as due to the flexibility the admin ends up adding unnecessary themes/plugins which slows down the blog. Winner – WordPress.com
  5. Security – Security is one more aspect where WordPress.com beats WordPress.org. WordPress.com provides a very secure environment and will not allow any type of spamming or malware. While in case of WordPress.org it is quite a very common issue. Winner – WordPress.com
  6. Ownership of Blog – In WordPress.org you completely own your blog/website and its data while in case of WordPress.com you don’t own it completely, though you can take a backup of the data. WordPress.com can anytime delete your website if they find it violating their terms of service while in WordPress.org you have the full control. Winner – WordPress.org
  7. Monetization – You can run any type of monetization campaign on your WordPress.org blog but when it comes to WordPress.com you will not be able to do so. Winner – WordPress.org
  8. Stats – In WordPress.org you can add your own Google analytics account and get real-time data on visitors on your blog while in WordPress.com you can see only internal stats. Winner – WordPress.org

Though we can clearly see that the winner is WordPress.org but it again varies person to person as for people who don’t have any sort of technical expertise will find WordPress.com more easy to use and manage. You should decide about it after analyzing the objective of starting this blog.

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