Making WordPress Website Design – Getting Started with it

Making WordPress Website Design – Getting Started with it

Are you planning to start a WordPress Website?

If you are planning to start a website, WordPress website is the best and easy to use CMS for website design and development. It is so reliable that over 50% of world’s website is running on WordPress.  It is very robust and easy to use. There is a big community support available in case you run into a trouble. Let’s discuss few benefits of going ahead with WordPress :

Benefits of going with WordPress Website 

You can create a WordPress website in the following two ways :

wordpress website

  1. WordPress website @ – 

    If you are planning to start a WordPress blog only website, you can start with You can create a free WordPress blog there. It can be created either on a subdomain of or you can buy your own domain and start it there. It is free when you create a WordPress blog on a subdomain of It will cost a small amount monthly if you wish to make it on your own domain.

  2. WordPress website @ your own hosting using  – 

    If you are planning a WordPress website for your business, you can host WordPress on your own hosting with your          domain name, here are the steps you should follow:

    Steps to make WordPress Website on your own hosting :

    Step 1: Buy domain & hosting from a reliable company like BigrockGodaddy / Hostgator. It would be better if you go for a WordPress specific hosting.

    Step 2: You can install WordPress from cPanel of your hosting by a tool named Softaculous.

    Step 3: Once installed you can start playing around!

If you have a basic idea of the website design process you would be able to Get start with WordPress Website with above information itself. But if you are very new to the Website Design, then it might need some more information for you start working with WordPress. Creating a site on is quite a straightforward process so once you start signing up with and follow the steps on that website you will easily be able to set it up. But while creating a site with you will have to work with lots of different aspcts. So Let’s discuss the process of creating WordPress website with :

What are the Infrastructure requirements of creating a WordPress Website :

  1. Domain name for WordPress Website  – The first and foremost thing you need to create a website is a Domain. The domain is the address using which people will open your website. Like people use to open Google’s websites, they will use your domain name to open your website. Now where you can get the domain name? You can go to any domain name registrar’s website like Godaddy, Bigrock etc to buy a domain for your website. You can follow the following steps to book a domain :
    • Step 1 – Go to the domain registrar’s website like or
    • Step 2 – On most of the domain registrar’s websites, there is a tool on the home page itself to check the availability of the domain. As you may know, one domain name can be owned by only one person/company at one point in time. If someone has already purchased a domain name then other will not be able to buy that domain name. You can check the availability of your desired domain name by putting it in the search box and press the check/search button. It will give you the information whether your domain name is available or not. If it is available you can proceed with the next step. If not that look for an alternate domain name.
    • Step 3 – If the domain name is available, you can add it to the cart and follow with the purchase process.
    • Step 4 – You will be asked to fill the registrant details like name, contact number, Email ID and Address before making the payment.
    • Step 5 – Once you filled all these details, you can make the payment and the domain is yours now.
  2. Hosting for WordPress Website – Next thing you need for a website is hosting. It will be better if it is a specialized WordPress hosting. Most of the domain registrar companies also sell the hosting. You can purchase the hosting from these sites similarly as you purchase the domain. While purchasing the hosting it will ask you to mention the domain name for the hosting. You can mention the domain name you just purchased in there and go ahead with purchasing the hosting.
  3. Connecting the Domain name and Hosting – Once you have purchased the domain name and hosting, they are to be connected with each other. A term called Domain Name Server will be used for this process. If you open your domain panel, you will find the manage DNS section in it. On opening it you will find the fields to set the DNS for the domain. here would be already some default DNS in there. You have to change it to your hosting’s DNS. Hosting’s DNS you can get from the hosting service provider. This process facilitates that you can take the domain and hosting from 2 different companies and still connect them together.

Where to Get WordPress CMS and install it on your Hosting –

WordPress CMS you can get from website. Here you can download the latest WordPress version. Following are the steps to install this CMS on your hosting:

  1.  Upload the Installation package in public_html folder of your hosting. Unzip the files.
  2. Create a Database and Database user in your hosting for this installation.
  3. Now enter the installation URL in the browser and follow the steps.
  4. One you complete entering the details asked during the installation process like Username, Password, DB Name, DB Username and its password. The installation is completed now.

Today most of the hosting panels like cPanel, comes with one-click install of WordPress like Softaculous. You click on WordPress and it will take you to the WordPress installation screen. Just fill the options and click install. To use this process you don’t need to download WordPress or creating the database. Below is the step by step process of installing WordPress via Softaculous :

WordPress Installation via Softaculous

Step 1 – Once you login to your cPanel, go to Softaculous App Installer.  Search for WordPress and click on it.

Step 2 – Click on the Install tab and it will display the setting to install WordPress.

Step 3 – Fill in the details as follows :

  1. Choose Protocol – Select https:// if you have an SSL certificate for the website and select http:// if not. I personally will not suggest you to select any of the http://www. or https:// .
  2. Choose Domain – If you are on a single domain hosting, you will see only one option there but if you have multiple domains on this hosting you have to select the desired domain.
  3. In Directory – If you are installing this wordpress instance in a subdirectory of the domain then write the subdirectory name else leave it empty.
  4. Site Name – Write the Desired site title
  5. Site Description – Write the description / tagline for the website.
  6.  Enable Multisite – Leave it untick unless you are looking to make a multisite network.
  7. Admin – Put the desired admin username
  8. Admin Password – Write the desired password.
  9. Admin Email – Enter the Email Id where you want the system notifications.
  10. Choose language – Select the desired language.
  11. Limit Login Attempts – Tick it to make your website secure.
  12. Leave the advanced option as default itself.
  13. Click the install button.
  14. Hurray ! WordPress is now installed.
  15. You will be prompted with WordPress installations frontend and backend links.

Also, you can also check the step by step process of installing WordPress manually (recently added) :

WordPress Installation Manually :

  1. Go to
  2. Download the WordPress installation as zip.
  3. Go to your cPanel and open the file manager.
  4. Upload this zip file into the public_html folder.
  5. Unzip the zip file.
  6. Go to Database section in the cPanel home and open the MySQL database wizard.
  7. Create a new database and user. Copy the dbname, db username & password.
  8. Now open the website url, it will start showing the installation instructions.
  9. Follow the instructions and fill in the Database details accordingly.
  10. Once the settings are completed you are ready to go.

How much it may cost overall to make a WordPress Website –

If you are creating the WordPress website yourself or we keep the developer’s effort aside, here are the main expenses you may have to bear to make a WordPress website :

  1. Domain – Rs.100 to Rs.1,000 annually
  2. Hositng – Rs.1,000 – Rs.5,000 annually
  3. WordPress License – Nill

10 Things you should do To make your WordPress Website more effective :

  1. Choose a WordPress specialized hosting as it will give you better performance.
  2. Check every plugin for compatibility with your WordPress version before installing.
  3. Also, Check the themes for the compatibility with your WordPress version.
  4. Update the core and plugins at regular interval to keep your website from being vulnerable to attacks.
  5. Use a plugin to compress the images and reduce the size, it will improve the performance of your website.
  6. Keep a check on any virus using virus scanner from cPanel
  7. If you are designing the website for the business purpose don’t forget to customize the permalinks accordingly.
  8. Use a good SEO plugin (preferably Yoast SEO) to improve your search engine ranking.
  9. Clean the database regularly to keep your website’s performance optimum.
  10. Take backups at regular intervals to recover the website from any disaster.

If you are confused on whether to use WordPress for your website or not, please have a look at the following :

7 Benefits Of WordPress Website That May Change Your Perspective

Benefits of Making Website With WordPress

  1. First and foremost benefit is that WordPress websites are super fast to develop.
  2. WordPress has a really large community support around so your will never feel alone while facing an error.
  3. WordPress websites are very SEO friendly in itself and there are also plugins available specially to boost the SEO of the sites.
  4. WordPress websites doesn’t need much time to maintain.
  5.  You can change the look and feel of your website by just changing a theme.
  6. Any new functionality can be brought into the website by just adding a new plugin.
  7. Multiple users can work on the admin panel at the same time.

I would also like to mention few tools which you should always keep you are going to start making a WordPress Website.

5 Tools Everyone In The WordPress Website Industry Should Be Using

  1. WAMP/LAMP/XAMPP/MAMP Server – This is the most needed tool if you are developing your WordPress website on local server.
  2. Yoast SEO – Once you started working on your WordPress website, you will surely need a tool which can help in bringing your Website in sight of the Search Engines. Yoast is the prominent tool for this purpose.
  3. Cloudflare flexible SSL – If you want to improve the performance of your website and make it secure you may choose Cloudflare as CDN (content delivery network). Cloudflare flexible SSL is one tool to manage the cloudflare connectivity to your WordPress website.
  4.  Ninja Form / Gravity Form / Formidable – With any of these form plugins you will be able to create a form on your website where you can collect data from your visitors.
  5. Mail Chimp – It is a indispensable tool for a blogging website as you will be able to send regular newsletter to your subscribers using mail chimp.


Should you try to make a WordPress Website by your Own or Hire a professional –

This question is a bit subjective in nature and depends on the purpose for which you are creating this website. If you are creating this website for personal use only then you may give it a try on making it yourself. But if you are going to present your website before your customer and make it a front office of your business, making it yourself can be disastrous as it needs a certain level of expertise to make a Well designed and functional WordPress website.

There can also be a lot of WordPress Errors and WordPress Virus related issues which you will not be able to handle without help from a professional. While working yourself you might end up installing a lot of unnecessary themes and plugins which will create an overhead in your website and make it slow and vulnerable to attacks.


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