Why a WordPress Website Slows down and How To Make It Fast

Why a WordPress Website Slows down and How To Make It Fast

Most of you face this issue that your WordPress website is running too slow. Sometimes the speed is really pathetic and you are tempted to think that you made a mistake by choosing WordPress for your website. Yes, WordPress is quite a loaded CMS with a lot of useful functionalities inbuilt, which in itself becomes a reason for it slowing down. Also, the reluctant use of plugins and themes makes life more difficult which sometimes is topped us by virus infections. We will discuss this issue in details :

Why a WordPress Website Slows down –

First, we need to understand that why a WordPress website slows down. Following are a few reasons for the same:

Internal Reasons for slowing down of WordPress Website – 

  1. WordPress core is a heavier  – Core installation of WordPress is quite heavy as compared to a pure HTML/CSS based site or a Website based on other CMS like Drupal. It is because WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform and comes packed with all the functionalities required to run a proper blog with quite a high volume of content. All these blogging related functions come as part of WordPress core installation and can’t be taken away. So even if you are planning to create a simple few pages website without blogs, you have to keep the blogging part also lying and running at the background. These scripts and code make your WordPress website run a bit slower in compared to other options.
  2. Ease of use by amateurs – You might be surprised to see this point in negatives of WordPress. Believe me, it is the biggest culprit as being easy to use makes WordPress prompting for adulteration by novice users. People start adding innumerable plugins and themes without giving much thought. A few days later the Website becomes deadly slow, sometimes crashes or becomes an easy target for the spammers.
  3. Reluctant use of WordPress Plugins –  Nowadays all different kind of websites can be made in WordPress all thanks to the vibrant community which keeps coming with various plugins to add different complex functionalities to the system. Though the plugin system is a boon it is also a curse when not used properly. People use their main website itself as a testing playground and installs multiple plugins for the same functions to check which one is working better. Most of the time they forget to clean the plugins files and tables from the system which creates an unnecessary load on the system. Sometimes it also invites a number of virus and malware which makes the WordPress website vulnerable to attacks.
  4. Themes are being misused – Themes are mostly made for specific purposes and are meant to be used accordingly. If you plan to use a well-built theme and start modifying each and every part of it, you will end up messing the theme and it will eventually not good for your website. The website will slow down and may also become vulnerable to attacks from virus or malware.
  5. Not maintaining the website properly – By properly maintaining I meant that you are not looking for problems on your website regularly, there might be a bot spamming your website with dummy users and comments. If this happens for a prolonged duration your website will become slow due to a lot of unused content and spammy links.
  6. Not Updating the website regularly – You need to updates the core as well as themes and plugins used in the website at regular intervals. This will keep your website safe from attacks and also keep its performance in check.

External Reasons for slowing down of WordPress Website :

  1. Low-quality hosting service – You might be using a low-quality hosting service which is affecting the performance of your website. If you are working with shared hosting, you should make sure to take it from a credible company like Godaddy / Bigrock / Hostgator. Small companies mostly keep more than the specific number of accounts on their server which will turn in over usage of the servers and thus affects the performance of the websites on that server. Check out our article on What are the server specifications to look for while choosing a good WordPress hosting.
  2. Using unnecessary temporary/permanent redirects: Using many redirects (301/302) affects the performance of your website. Though necessary redirects can’t be avoided, they should be used very wisely.
  3. More than estimated traffic – If your website is getting traffic more than your estimates, your server might not be able to keep up with it. It will affect your websites speed adversely.
  4. Not using Page caching and Data compression methods – If you are not using the tools for page caching and data compression, you are slowing down your website.

How to make WordPress website run fast :

How to make WordPress Website run fast

Now when you are quite aware of the reasons for slowing down of our WordPress website, we should learn about the methods to resolve these issue and make our site faster than ever before.

  1. Keep a plugin to compress the images which will increase the performance by reducing the loading time.
  2. Page caching should be used to cache the common page components. There are a lot of plugins to do that.
  3. Use a speed booster plugin to boost the website speed.
  4. In your cPanel using the compression tool to compress all the data passing to and fro.
  5. Check your website in Google page speed check tools and follow its suggestions.
  6. Use plugins to minify HTML , CSS and JavaScript.
  7. Don’t use inline CSS and Javascripts too much.

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